SOCRATES2.0 final conference

"Wondering is the beginning of wisdom"
22 JUNE, 14.00 - 16.30 GMT+1

Thanks for joining the SOCRATES2.0 final conference. 

After the first plenary part you can join the breakout sessions by selecting the stream of your choice on this page. When entering the chat at the breakout session, please enter your name and organisation. By returning to the main page you can switch between different breakout sessions or after the second break out session go back to the plenary session.

All sessions are recorded. 



14.00 Introduction: The Socrates2.0 journey in a nutshell
14.20 Breakout session round 1
15.05 Break
15.25 Breakout session round 2
16.10 Public and private partners of SOCRATES2.0 reflect on the project and the future of Interactive Traffic Management
16.30 Optional: join the team for an informal online drink in the online SOCRATES2.0 café

SOCRATES2.0 Digital Magazine

The magazine covers our journey and findings. It also contains various links to the more elaborate public reports. We invite you to browse through this rich content for a comprehensive view on interactive traffic management and the results of SOCRATES2.0. The magazine will be available on Friday 18 june.

SOCRATES2.0 Library

You can also have direct access to the various SOCRATES2.0 reports, papers and documents in our library. You can find the library here.

Online SOCRATES2.0 café

After the formal part of the conference, you can join the team for online drinks and a chat via Gather. Gather is an online platform where you have rooms designed especially for an online gathering. You will have your own avatar with which you can walk from room to room. You can choose your avatar when entering the platform. Walking through the rooms is easy, by using the arrows on your keyboard. You can chat to anyone in the room, just by walking towards him or her. Just like ‘in real life’! It’s also possible to send a DM (direct message) to someone in the group, or to the entire group. For any remaining questions or a 1-1 chat with a team member, please go to the Ask Me Anything corner in the café. Go to the café here.